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Organic Walnut Oil

Organic Walnut Oil

Organic Walnut Oil

Walnuts and walnut trees have a long history, it is estimated that the walnut is a 7000 year old crop. The walnut originally comes from Central Asia and now grows in mild warm climates worldwide.

Retention of nutrients through cold pressing

Spack has a beautiful organic Walnut oil in its range, this oil is cold pressed and extracted from the cores of walnuts. The origin of this oil is the Eastern European country of Moldova, where small producers grow the walnuts. The advantage of Moldova is the short chain and low food miles, in contrast to walnuts from India or California.

Due to the cold pressing, the oil has retained its taste and nutrients. Spack Organic Walnut Oil has a pale brown / light yellow color and a nice intense, nutty taste.


Walnut oil is widely used in cooking as well as in cosmetics. It is very tasty to use in sauces and dressings. Walnut oil is not suitable for cooking because then its characteristic taste becomes bitter. In addition to use in the kitchen, the oil can also be used to care for the skin and hair.


Our walnut oil contains a lot of omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, vitamins, magnesium, copper and zinc.


We offer organic walnut oil in various packaging , such as bottles in different volumes, cans or bulk packaging.