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We know you want first-class cooking oils at the best possible price, so we only work with Olleco-approved suppliers who source the seeds and fruits, from which our oils are made, directly from the producers.

The oils they supply are taken directly to a British Retail Consortium (BRC) – approved packing facility where the oil is packed into Olleco packaging. All of our packaging is recyclable and, if you opt to reuse the oil containers to return used cooking oil, we’ll take them away and recycle them for you.

OilSense storage systems

Manage and store your used cooking oil more hygienically, safely and securely

OilSense is a specially designed oil handling system connecting cooking oil storage tanks directly to your fryers. This means there is no manual handling of hot oils or lifting in the kitchen which dramatically reduces the risk of burns, spillages, slips and other accidents.

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Who benefits most from OilSense?

OilSense systems are suitable for any commercial food business using medium-to-high volumes of cooking oil and looking to streamline operations in their kitchens. From local chippies and fast-food outlets to high-end hotel kitchens and large canteens, OilSense will protect your employees and save them precious time.

How OilSense works

Used oil is piped directly from your deep fryers to purpose-built used oil collection tanks which ensures that it is fully compliant with Food Hygiene Regulations. Collections simply involve our driver pumping the oil directly from the bulk used oil storage tank to the collection vehicle making them much less disruptive to your kitchen employees.

Automated used cooking oil collections

Each tank is fitted with a telemetry system that automatically tells us when your tanks need emptying which saves your employees time and reduces collection frequency and, ultimately, cost.

Tanks fitted outside the premises or plumbed to secure external access points can even be emptied when no employees are present. Waste Transfer Notes and other legal documentation are issued automatically via email. You can monitor the volumes collected and any rebates due using our secure online platform. Because the system is fully secured and monitored remotely, and collections are made by specialist vehicles, it greatly reduces the risk of theft from your premises.

Reduced stress on your employees

Hot oils are among one of the biggest safety risks in commercial kitchens so eliminating manual handling is a huge step forward to a safer kitchen. The system also reduces the risk of spillage and, consequently, slips and falls.

Incorrect handling and storage of used cooking oil in heavy, loose containers can lead to back injuries as well as posing a hygiene risk to your business. And because the whole system is automated, your team doesn’t need to worry about arranging extra collections during busy periods.

Reduced handling costs

Apart from the time your employees will save not having to carry used oil around your premises, OilSense can free up valuable storage space in your kitchen. Our expert will be able to advise whether you could locate the storage tanks externally or in unused voids or other less accessible internal spaces.

The telemetry system delivers even more efficiency because collections only take place when you actually need them – reducing the financial and environmental costs of transporting your used cooking oil.

Increased control

Automating your used oil collection gives you complete visibility of your oil allowing you to accurately monitor volumes collected and ensure your kitchen is running as efficiently as possible. Theft is a growing problem in our industry and OilSense greatly reduces the risk of your losing precious resources to criminals.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to have a minimum amount of used cooking oil?

There is no minimum requirement but the who businesses are likely to benefit most from installing OilSense are those generating over 400l of used cooking per month. Our team can advise you on the best system to meet your needs.

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Combining your cooking oil supply with your used cooking oil collection will save you time, admin and help you do your bit for the planet.

Is the OilSense equipment owned by me or Ebl?

It’s your choice. You can either buy the system outright or rent it from us for the period of your contract. Either way, we can offer an ongoing maintenance contract to ensure the equipment runs smoothly.

Is there a minimum space requirement for OilSense equipment?

  • The tanks required for OilSense require some space but this can generally be accommodated easily on most premises. Remember, it is replacing loose oil containers which are taking up space somewhere.

Can the tanks be accommodated outside the building?

Yes. Many customers choose to install tanks outside the kitchen. This saves internal space and removes a hygiene risk from the kitchen.

Do OilSense customers secure a healthier rebate?

Many customers find that OilSense improves the return on their used cooking oil as it results in fewer collections which are the main cost of the used cooking oil recovery process. Reducing theft of used oils also helps improve the return on your cooking oil.

What collection frequencies can I have?

  • Yes. The tanks can be fitted to inaccessible void space in your kitchen freeing up any space you currently use to store used oil containers. By locating them outside your premises, we can save even more space.

Can an OilSense system save me storage space?

Yes. Many customers choose to install tanks outside the kitchen. This saves internal space and removes a hygiene risk from the kitchen.

What size are the OilSense storage tanks?

Our standard external tank is 1500l and the internal ones hold 850L however, because we make the tanks in-house, we can also build a bespoke one to fit your precise requirements.

What happens to my oil you collect?

  • All the oil we collect is taken to be transformed into high quality biodiesel at our state-of-the-artbiorefinery