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Infrastructure Projects

Infrastructure Projects

We are focusing on Infrastructure projects on the development and maintenance of services, facilities, and systems. These can be funded by our associate Companies, by Government Funds, or combined as a public-private partnership. The private investments can help manage the economic development of a city, state, or an entire country.

Road Infrastructure

Road infrastructure construction builds new streets and fixes streets, roads, and highway systems for mass transit. It also oversees developing transportation projects that grant greater transportation access to communities. Our Companies are focusing for EPC, DBFOT and Annuity projects in India and abroad.

Housing Projects

We are focusing on developing world class houses to our society as well as we are focusing to construct low cost houses to support weaker section of our society. We are tied up with word top companies for construction and negotiating with good investors for creating such infrastructures in India and abroad.

Railroad Infrastructure

Railroad infrastructure is on the pulse of the transportation system of any country. The sector is responsible for innovating and safeguarding trains, subways, and light rail systems. This includes track layout, steel supplies, bridges and tunnels. Our focus to construction of High speed railways, Metro Rail projects and dedicated freight corridors.

Power and Energy Infrastructure

The electrical infrastructure oversees projects that deal with power including electrical lines, power grids, and innovations in alternative energy. We are coming up with smart energy meters in collaboration with Europe and American Companies to provide fair and transparent readings for energy system. Our Companies have made many significant construction of Thermal Power Projects in India and look forward for more opportunities.

Water Infrastructure

Water infrastructure works to create sustainable water projects to purify water supplies from waste, and make it safe for drinking. Our Companies are working with other water sector partners to improve water efficiency in each state.

Waste Management

Construction waste management works to improve the environment by storing, treating and eliminating hazardous materials. Sustainable construction practices are used to safely reprocess water for drinking, enhance human health, and dispose of sewage and solid waste.

We are also working on municipality waste to utilizing into energy with low cost and make our cities clean.

Hazardous Waste Management

Hazardous waste construction finds and disposes of hazardous materials to protect the environment. Solid and hazardous waste bi-products, such as sewage remnants and other industrial leftovers, are transported to designated landfills hazardous waste facilities. Tanks, drip pads and incinerators are used to treat, recycle or dispose of.