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We know you want first-class cooking oils at the best possible price, so we only work with Olleco-approved suppliers who source the seeds and fruits, from which our oils are made, directly from the producers.

The oils they supply are taken directly to a British Retail Consortium (BRC) – approved packing facility where the oil is packed into Olleco packaging. All of our packaging is recyclable and, if you opt to reuse the oil containers to return used cooking oil, we’ll take them away and recycle them for you.

Food factory used cooking oil collections

We offer the UK food manufacturing industry a fully compliant and comprehensive collection service for used cooking oils and fats, as well as fats from meat preparation and processing. However, our service goes much further than that.

Our experts will work with your operations team to tailor your used cooking oil management and collection systems to reduce wastage, maximise capture and optimise storage arrangements.

Olleco has rigorous monitoring systems so we can provide you with the necessary data for financial and environmental reports on request. Our state-of-the-art biorefinery ensures that your food factory waste is processed to maximise its environmental potential.

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Serving food factories and processing plants right across the UK

Ebl are the only oil and food collection specialist operating a truly national network. We serve a huge range of food production facilities from small artisan manufacturers to large industrial plants.

Wherever you are in the UK, you will find our dedicated, central team services a large number of customers in your area.

Fully audited reports give you the very highest standards of financial and environmental reporting

Collections are all carefully measured and recorded so you can monitor all aspects of the process, from weighbridge data to quality control. This helps you manage operations, decreases the risk of theft and ensures a transparent and honest relationship between producer and collector.

Our environmental reporting systems meet ISO14064 standards for greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting. Our central analysis teams will provide detailed environmental reports capturing the carbon savings Olleco is helping you achieve. As you would expect, our services ensure you are fully compliant with all regulatory requirements of the relevant agencies throughout the UK.

Bespoke systems to improve operational efficiencies

Once we have visited your premises or carried out a remote survey to establish your exact requirements, we will agree a bespoke collection system that precisely matches your needs.

We can provide storage tanks in a variety of formats and engineer a bespoke storage solution to suit your premises. We can also advise you about oil skimming equipment to maximise the efficiency of your collection.

Collections can be made on a regular or ad hoc basis. These can be further streamlined with telemetry systems enabling us to collect from you as and when needed, helping you to reduce admin time.

Helping to improve production processes

Because we take a holistic approach to our customers’ cooking oil, we have been able to help many of them improve their production efficiencies both by streamlining processes and analysing the quality of the used oils we collect.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a customer to have a collection?

We are happy to arrange collections on request from new or existing customers at short notice. Just contact our sales team to discuss your requirements.

Can you supply me with renewable fuels?

Yes. We supply a number of customers with advanced renewable biofuels made from their cooking oils. These can be used to make delivery fleets more sustainable and fuel combined heat and power units to provide renewable energy to your premises.

Are there other ways you can help me to operate more sustainably?

Olleco also operate sophisticated food waste recovery solutions. Our customer service team will be happy to discuss your food waste requirements and advise how we can deliver the highest possible GHG savings using our national network of anaerobic digestion plants.