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Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle

Erisha E Mobility is an India-based company that is part of the EBL Group. They manufacture, distribute, and export electric vehicles, electric three wheelers, electric cargo vehicles, municipal electric dump trucks, electric passenger buses, electric auto rickshaws, and Hydrogen fuel cell buses. The company is committed to zero carbon emissions in order to protect the planet and the environment.

What are the Products Offered by Erisha E Mobility?

The company offers a variety of products that fall under the category of electric vehicles. These include electric two wheelers, electric three wheelers, electric four wheel cargo, electric buses, and electric trucks. In addition, the company is also developing hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines.

In order to encourage the development of charging infrastructure, the Indian government has introduced various enabling policies. Nevertheless, given the unique characteristics of this new infrastructure type, it needs to be customised to the unique Indian transport ecosystem and developed in cooperation with stakeholders. In order to ensure the efficient and timely deployment of EV charging infrastructure, meaning it meets local requirements and is optimally integrated with electricity supply networks and transportation networks, a contextual approach is required.

In addition to EV charging frameworks, Erisha E Mobility is supporting structures and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the process, along with a roadmap for ensuring its implementation.

There is nothing else like Erisha E Mobility Charger. With this mobile app, you will have everything you need, and after installing, you can choose whether to charge for free or for a fee. Both cases use the same Erisha E Mobility Smart Charger.

What are the Goals of Erisha E Mobility?

The company is committed to providing EV charging solutions that serve as industry standards by:

  • -Best solution in terms of cost-effectiveness and comprehensiveness
  • -Offer a diverse range of services to your customers
  • -Ease the transition to EVs for your customers and introduce a new revenue stream
  • -Handling all aspects of the project from sales to design, to implementation and grant/rebate management.
  • -Opportunity for double revenue streams through infrastructure upgrades(upfront) and operational & maintenance (recurrent)
  • -Offering customers, a wide range of financing options
  • -Contribute to reducing green gas emissions
  • -We facilitate the development and operation of user-friendly public and private EV charging networks by simplifying and streamlining the process of charging electric vehicles for multi-tenant property owners and owners of multi-tenant properties. Using efficient software and services, we make EV charging easy and hassle-free for our customers, reducing both their time and money spent on EV charging.