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Civil Infrastructure

Civil Infrastructure

EBL Group is a leading engineering and contracting company, offering a bouquet of solutions for a broad spectrum in fields of engineering and construction projects. EBL Group is associated with construction and civil works of power plants, aluminium and steel plants, major industrial projects, bridges, roads, stadiums, port, structures and hydro projects. The company has a well-defined portfolio of commercial projects and residential projects as well. We implement and use the state-of-the-art technology and innovation in every project to match it with global standards.


  • Commercial & Residential projects Our projects include planning & construction of Institutions, Hospitals, Malls and low cost housing & residential projects (Real Estate). Each project is undertaken with precision and state – of – the-art technology. As commercial projects are extremely complex, we provide reliability and high skill set with quality assurance at all stages.
  • Building works Undertaking Civil engineering projects.
  • Dams & Irrigation Structure Constructions of Dams and Water management projects.
  • Electricity Power Generation, Electrification and ancillary projects.
  • Roads & bridges Rana Group with its associates provide comprehensive road transport consultancy services covering all aspects of conceptual and detailed design, construction, supervision, operation and maintenance of highways, expressways, feeder/rural roads, bridges / viaducts and tunnels, maintenance planning/ management of road network, strategic planning for improvement / upgrading of road systems.
  • Surveys & Geo Technical Investigation
  • Hospitals
  • Stadiums
  • Water Pipelines
  • Seawall Protection & Onshore Structures
  • Finance