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Waste Oil

Cost effective, legal and environmentally friendly with a transparent, honest and flexible service.

Reliable service

Once your delivery / collection day is agreed we guarantee to be there.

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Our pricing is transparent.

Registered waste carrier

Specialist services for collection, disposal and recycling of waste vegetable oil

How to get your waste oil collected

Once your collection day is agreed we guarantee to be there.
You will be fully compliant with local environmental regulations.

What kind of oil do we deliver?.

All new oil is not only delivered to your door but placed in your storage area saving you time.

Why use EB Oils?

Reliable Service

Payment for waste vegetable oil
Weekly to monthly collections
Waste vegetable oil collection
Recycling your used oil
Environmental agency
Biodiesel industry

Waste Oil Collection

Waste cooking oil collection is a critical service for businesses like restaurants, takeaways, pubs, hospitals, care homes, mobile caterers and other food manufacturing companies that generate used vegetable cooking oils.

When done properly, waste oil collection reduces environmental impact by reducing the risk of spills and leakage. As well as responsible and safe storage of used vegetable cooking oils to prevent contamination of soil, air, and surface water. It also ensures that any hazardous materials are safely stored until they can be disposed of appropriately or recycled for use in further manufacturing processes.

At EB Oils we provide comprehensive waste vegetable oil collection, delivery and recycling services to ensure that used oils are managed responsibly and efficiently. We have a fleet of specialized vehicles equipped with safety features such as spill containment barriers and anti-spill kits, enabling us to effectively transport large volumes of used oil easily and safely.

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